Let’s be real for a second. Does anyone actually eat the gingerbread houses that come out around Christmas time?

Our family never does and I always felt like it was such a waste. After mindlessly searching amazon for alternatives, I noticed they sold chocolate house molds! From there a tradition was born.

So long stale old gingerbread houses and hello yummy chocolate houses! This is our second year doing these and although messy, they are so much fun! Plus the kids eat it all so there is no waste!

The night before we decorate, I will melt the chocolate into the molds and freeze it for a few hours so the chocolate can harden into the house shape. We use melting chocolate that is very inexpensive from our local Walmart.

Once the pieces have hardened, melt some more chocolate and build the house so it will be easier to decorate. Or you can do like we did and just grab a tub of frosting and let the kids play.

The items we buy for the houses vary every year based on what the kids want to decorate with. This year we went simple and just gathered some frosting, sprinkles and Christmas icing decorations. We went ahead and separated everything into cup so there was no fighting because – well, kids.

We had so much fun decorating the chocolate houses! We really should make it a game on who can build a house without eating it because both kids failed on that part.

Aside from the mess, it kept them busy for at least 45 minutes and we have some pretty funny memories to share.

Let me know in the comments.
Have you made chocolate house before?

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